Servicing & MOT



We can service each make of vehicles. Customer can choose between our custom 65 point check or manufacturer’s specification. We are VAT registered so that allows us to service majority of vehicles which are under manufacturer’s warranty without breaching it. We only use OE spec branded filters (mainly Mann and Fram) and we always put oil which is recommended for given vehicle.

We are able to reset service indicator in almost every vehicle.



We can service and re-gas both types of air-con gas: R134A and R1234yf. We not only re-gas but also provide new oil which can be crutial to lifespan of a compressor.



We own several diagnostics machines which allow us to cover various vehicles. That allows us to diagnose and perform programming/coding to extended amount of cars.



We can fit each size of tyre up from 13″ to 21″. Within 24h we can supply and fit all major brands of tyres. We can also balance wheels and perform tracking. We also allow customers to provide own tyres and charge for fitting only.